Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Burnt popcorn and other good stuff..

Does anyone out there like burnt popcorn? I love it!!! So does Ed! I actually try not to take the popcorn out of the microwave till I smell it burning. And burnt popcorn on the stove is even better! Just thought I would ask that cause that is what I'm eating now.
Okay...news on the scooter. I'm hating it right now. My wrist hurts from yesterday so I wrapped it. I couldn't get the kickstand down on it today when it accidentally went up.....I got frustrated....had a meltdown.....called my son on the phone and cried about it (he of course thought I was having a scooter breakdown) then came in the house and had a cup of chamomile tea and sat on my porch. Now I feel better. Reading everyone's comments to me on my blog helped me feel better too...so thank you. And a note to Rebecca....it will be a Monarch tatoo!
I'm not typing long cause my wrist is still hurting a bit, but I did want to show you a pic of the cool purse sweetie man got for me. He knew I had been wanting one with a place to put pics on the front. He found them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (guess they fell in the "Beyond" area). It will definately carry some yarn projects on vacation...

I put pics of my family on the front and in the back I used my new GemMagic Tool to put that cool butterfly design on the back. Neat eh? Sweetie man loves gadgets and sent away for the GemMagic kit. He's a sucker for those mags that come in the mail selling everything from wrinkle cream to doggie strollers. Gotta love him! This kit is really neater than I thought it would be. You can put all sorts of metal gems and such on anything and everything. I'm thinking felted items here, guys! So lets see what I can come up with.
Well, that's it for tonight. Thanks again for all of your wonderful comments....yinz guys are the best! Till tomorrow and over the hump day......tootle-lu!


Christy said...

Thats a great butterfly, and a cool bag too! Sorry to hear about your wrist!! Is it your crocheting wrist/hand?? Yikes! :)

Unknown said...

Ok first, burnt popcorn....YUCK!! LOL Hope your wrist heals soon. Love the bag. That is cool. I have never that kind of bag before.(you can tell I dont get to the big city that often,ya know where the good stores are at)....Have a great day tomorrow!!!

Sydney Harper said...

That looks like it will make a good sturdy knitting bag! Hope your wrist feels better soon.

Kare said...

I'm with Brandy on the burnt popcorn thing ; )

A sore wrist is no good. But thanks for posting anyway, Lucy. We would have missed it. Hope it's better fast.

BTW: Ed is about the most thoughtful man I have ever 'heard about'. I'm glad you two have each other.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,
I don't like burnt popcorn, but a childhood friend of mine does. One time-over 45 years ago-my father burnt some popcorn in one of my mother's good pan and it left pockmarks in the bottom of the pan. My mother wasn't to happy about it. I have that pan now and it still has the marks in the bottom. Everytime I use that pan it brings back memories of that time.
That is such a cute purse. I like the bead embellishments. Very nice.
I hope your wrist is doing better today.

Jewels said...

What a great looking bag!! Excellent yarn carrier.