Monday, January 22, 2007


......I'm SUDOKU-ING AND I CAN'T STOP!!!!! Okay, I've fallen victim to the latest craze....I swore I would not.....said I could not! But then Sweetie Man gets me hooked....line and sinker!!
I really didn't think I could do it but I did. I got frustrated at first, but then I googled strategies for sudoku so I had a plan rather then just willy-nilly placing numbers and getting frustrated. Once I got that down, it was all over. But ya gotta remember, my brain is getting older and I need to keep it active. I told my son that I'm going to stay alert so that when I'm 105 he cannot swindle me out of all of my millions...yeah right!
I must say tho, when I purchase this T-shirt, I may be taking things a little too far.....

Tho you must admit, wearing it could be interesting (okay...get your minds out of the gutter!)

I started another cross stitch.....sorry! It's just a little one and it goes with the forum I'm in it's okay! I have been wanting to try a Brittercup Design ever since I saw them. I love working this....

I would like to make three Brittercup ornaments for my dogs and one for my cat. Something about the simple design I just love. I just started this one and it's working up so fast.

Last, I think I'll leave you with a little quiz I found on Anne's blog. (if this didn't link for you before...try it again...I fixed it...sorry!)

You Should Paint Your Room Blue

Peaceful and soothing, blue rooms have been known to reduce blood pressure.
Your blue room will encourage deep rest and great sleep.
A blue room is the perfect oasis for a stressful life.

So, till next time, yinz guys.....(keep those comments coming...5 days to go!)