Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A quick and easy project..

Hi all...I found this quick and easy crochet project that I took on for my Project Linus blankets. Our chapter noted that though the baby blankets were wonderful, they were in need of blankets for older children. Our Project Linus newsletter also gives ideas for blankets and one was this quick and easy crochet trim for a fleece blanket.

It's two yards of fleece and about one skein of Red Heart worsted weight yarn. Now the pattern suggested that you get an awl and poke holes in the fleece about 1/2 inch apart and maybe a little less than that from the outside edge. Another suggestion, which I tried to do, was to hammer a nail into a piece of board and then just push the material down on it. Well, there I am pushing this nail into the material, my hand starting to hurt everytime it hit the board, at which time I opted to put on a pair of gloves. My sweetie-man said, "What are you doing?" When I explained, he said, "Why aren't you just using a hole punch?" I said,"That won't work....that 's for paper...this is material." He said, "Try it...humor me!" By golly gee whiz, if that didn't work like a charm. A nice 1/8 inch hole punch punched that material slicker than....slick! I whipped right through those punches and was on my way to crocheting. I used an F hook and did 2 single crochets in each hole. The second round is really up to your discretion. I did 1 single crochet, skipped a stitch, 5 double crochet in the next stitch, skipped a stitch, then back to 1 single crochet and so forth all the way around. It sorta ruffled a bit, but it turned out cute. Now I did see some really fancy baby blankets done on the web (just google crocheted fleece blankets) and the edgings were really elaborate. Mine is simple and it will be great for an older child...big and warm.
So, that's about it for tonight...Iwas messing on my blog today and took up most of my evening trying to teach myself more HTML tricks. I'm learning. So, off to sleep.....till tomorrow...happy crocheting and/or knitting!!!