Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's Animal Planet.....

Well, first, thank you for all the wonderful comments about our new little addition to the family....Miss Chloe. And Karen...enjoy the wallpaper! I haven't been around puppies for a long time so I really didn't know what to expect. I figured there would be alot of whinning through the night. But I was wrong. Miss Chloe did wonderful. When we put her in her wire crate and even leaving the door open, she slept there comfortably all night. The crate is in my son's room with his door closed, but she did really good and just whined a little in the morning. She's also been pooping outside pretty far. Only one accident in the house. It's like she knows where to go. She really is a sweetie pie. I'll post pics here and there so you can see her growing.
Okay, next, I went to my first Creative Keepsakes Party. I usually try to get out of these hostess party things (candles, tupperware, etc....), but this one, being the crafter that I am, I went to. It was fun....a bunch of gals sitting around a table scrapbooking a page with pictures they brought along. My hostess failed to tell me to bring pics (of which I harassed her endlessly through the evening...jokingly) so I did a Christmas pic scrap page of her cats. Of course, I bought's a picture organizer which was really sturdy and nice....I'm sorta an organization freak....or as we say in Pittsburgh...a "redder upper". Then of course the evening ended with us eating a piece of this chocolate on chocolate cake with this peanut butter icing trim and peanut butter cup candies as decoration. I feel like I should go to church and confess eating this thing.....OMG!!!! It was soooooooooooooo delicious!!!
And last and acually most important.......I wish to announce the birth of 10 Mastador puppies born to Lily the Mastif who lives next door to us. (Are you excited, Ed????) That's right, I witnessed (not by choice, mind you) the conception of these puppies in my neighbor's backyard one evening. Which also means I (Ed and myself) get pick of the litter. (that's right...another pup in eight weeks) When I saw my neighbor, I said, "Did you know that Brutus (The Black Lab) and Lily (The Mastif) just made out in your back yard?" I can't tell you what she said, but needless to say, eight weeks (give or take a few days) later, Lily gave birth to (so far) 10 chocolate or black Mastador puppies between the hours of 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm today. Five girls and five boys. Now if you never saw a Matiff, check out this site for a little info : Huge awesome beautiful lovable dogs. Now keep in mind, being that the pups are 1/2 Mastiff and 1/2 Lab, they will be smaller but as far as we know they have the father's coloring and the mother's face.
So that 's about all the excitement for tonight. That's actually all I can handle. So..... till tomorrow......Animal Planet, here we come!!!