Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mama Mia!!!

Hey, I actually am crafting and to prove it, I'm posting a couple of pics of the Quirky Ladies (aka Dolly Mama's) that I made for my sister recently. I've done this for her before but she wanted more for gifts.

They really are fun to make and inexpensive and the pattern is here. I have to be in the mood tho to make them as most crafts I do. Lately tho, I've been in the mood to cross stitch. I have quite a few to finish up and tried to do the "rotation method" of finishing up UFO's but I don't I'm so anxious to finish up my first biscornu that I haven't done anything else. I'm sure you've all seen this one on the Internet...I believe the pattern can by found free at cyberstitchers. I still have to do the back side.

I think I made a few small errors but this is for me anyway and I'm sorta obsessed with the whole biscornu thing (not to mention trying to find the correct pronunciation!) I think it's something about the odd shapes that catches my eye. I'll show you the finished project when completed.
I've been looking for some free patterns online and have found a few but would really like the ladybug biscornu one I've seen around. Can't seem to track that one down. I'm wondering if there is a hot pepper one also...if anyone knows, please let me know.
Other than that, I'm just enjoying the Summer and trying to take it easy. I'm sorta forcing myself not to let a messy house get to me with extra people around (college kids)....I think I'm managing to let it go and enjoy the company though. They are doing alot for me around the house so i really can't complain!
So, it's off to bed and onto Friday....and the WEEKEND!!! Till next time, yinz crazy guys!!