Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's getting warmer...

Oh yeah...the weather is breaking and it's becoming more spring like in Pennsylvania. Still a little cool but not so cool that I didn't spend a little time today on my front porch swing knitting my sock for the swap. It was great especially after all the cool temps and rain. Tho this morning we did have a little frost as we are in a valley. You can actually see the hills putting us in the valley from the picture I took this morning from my back yard window.

My town is made up of alot of older homes so it is a bit unusual to see a new home being built in my neighborhood. So I was sorta excited to see this huge crane looming over the back alley placing basement walls in the new home that is being built there. There used to be a very very old home that became run down and was eventually demolished. Now a new home is being built. I never actually saw how a home is built, so I thought I would take a couple of pics. As you can see we are surrounded by beautiful hills, which each have names, believe it or not. When I go on vacation it is quite unusual to see flat land since I've lived in the valley all my life pretty much. It does keep us a bit safer from things like tornados but we have had our share of bad weather. But I do just love the hills.
And just so you don't forget this is a crochet/knitting blog, here is a picture of another purse for a little girl that my niece took an order for.

This is the pattern from the Lion Brand site and I believe it's the blossom purse done in Microspun. I couldn't find the color I needed in Microspun so I made this one in Sugar and Cream crochet cotton. It worked up just as nice if not nicer than the Microspun. It's a Crochet Dude pattern. Extremely easy too!
So that's it for tonight. Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer than today, so I'll be visiting my porch swing again...oh yeah! I think it's finally Spring!!!!!
And for all you Idol fans...."SOUL PATROL....SOUL PATROL!!!"