Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Olympic piece....

Above...a closeup of the Peppermint Puff Afghan

The piece about halfway through the main part.

Well, there it be....the olympic really doesn't look like such a challenge but once the border is put on which is about 9 rows wide, it really is cute. I chose it for two reasons. One is the puff stitch I never did and two....I change projects so quick. This I knew I would have to keep up with or else it wouldn't be done in time. I do tend to jump from project to project. That's why I really want to put a percentage bar on my blog just to see how many crazy projects I have going at one time. I was tempted to start something else new today...but I said..."NO"....I must compete for TEAM AFGHAN.....I must challenge myself.....focus...focus....then I ate a piece of chocolate and felt better....just was banana split pudding (only 80 calories per serving). Well, back to my rows....and American Idol! Later, Gator! Lucy