Monday, July 10, 2006

Home Sweet Home....

Hello all! I'm back from a wonderful vacation in the wonderful state of Michigan. (for those of you from Michigan....I love your state!!!) It was a fun week of relaxing and smelling the fresh country air mixed in with a little cow manure...oh, well!
The weather for the week was marvelous.....70's and sunny skies with cool nights making for some great bonfires and fireworks with a dash of toasted marshmallows and something tasty to wash them down with! (ahem!) We got into Michigan late Monday night but not without narrowly missing some tornadoes...literally. Ed's son-in-law called us as we were on the road asking us where we were and it just so happened we with within miles of some tonadoes touching down in Indiana. As we were going through a toll booth, we didn't even have to pay as the toll booth guy just wanted everyone to get through before the really bad weather hit. The weather was a few miles west of us and we were heading north.....whew!!!! Close call to say the least. Then the GPS on my son's phone (trial month of it) decided to quit as we headed closer to the country (we never can find our way on the back roads of Michigan for some reason) so we had to make a call at midnight to get directions. Once we got in, we hit the bed and woke up to the beginning of a great vacation. We had great food and cookouts, fishing, a visit to our favorite winery for some taste testing, shopping, eating out, bonfires, fireworks, relaxing on the deck listening to nothing but the birds and mooing of the cows in the distance, and much more! And best of all the fun of being around family....laughing and enjoying each other's company! I'm still trying to catch up on things at home but I have three weeks before the next vacation at the beach, so I'm just taking my time. Oh, and of course I read alot and did some crocheting. (pictures of my accomplishments in the next few days) For some pics of the vacation, just click on the Flicker box in the sidebar for Michigan. When you get to the site, right below the word "Tag", click "Michigan" and you'll get those pics only. Enjoy!
In the meantime, I'm off to bed. After all those sleeping-in mornings, it's hard to get up for work....ya know what I mean? So, till tomorrow.....I'm off to the country in my dreams!!!