Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Felt THIS!

Hey...remember when Sweetie Man went to Mexico and brought me back all of that awesome handspun wool that was also hand dyed. Well, look what I made with it.

It's a bowl. And...get this....I made up the pattern.....GO and no pattern!!! I was really proud of myself. I crocheted it then felted it! To be honest with you it didn't felt as well as I had hoped and since I wanted it a tad stiffer than it was, I did use a little bit of stiffener on the inside. Sweetie Man wanted me to make it for a lady at work who had been to Oaxaca Mexico and felt bad that she didn't get to see the handspun yarn demonstration nor purchase any. I don't know if he gave it to her yet, so I'm excited to hear.
Not too much to say tonight since I'm thinking "vacation"...making a list and checking it twice if you know what I'm talkin' about. But I like to think of things I will do on vacation and I came up with the "100 things about me". I've seen this on the sidebar of others blogs but I never really clicked on any. Sarah, from Ramblings In A Little Black Dress posted hers on her blog today and I read through it and thought what a cool thing to write on vacation then post it when I return. So, I'm gonna do that, in addtion to crocheting, reading, relaxing poolside, etc...etc....
So, keep an eye out when I return....and think about doing one yourself. You'll be surprised what you forgot about YOU!
Okay....that's all for tonight......Oh, yeah, Happy 81 month Anniversay, Sweetie Man (gotcha) Only 48 more months till I'm Mrs. Sweetie Man (give or take a year...or two...or three!)