Thursday, July 13, 2006

2 words...Hobby Lobby! all of you who are within 1,000 miles of Oklahoma City, consider yourself blessed! You are within the miles that Hobby Lobby's are built in the United States and I am seriously considering moving! (Just kidding!) I went to my first Hobby Lobby in Holland Mighigan....I am sooooooo jealous! Those stores are fabulous! At least the one I was in. They had everything plus more!!! I didn't get to spend the amount of time I would have liked to (which was about a week give or take a few hours) but it was enough time for me to email the Hobby Lobby customer service center when I came home and ask them if they plan on building one in Pennsylvania...that's where the 1,000 mile radius thing came in. There weren't a whole lot of people in there for some reason but maybe I just didn't notice. The store actually looked fairly new....and boy was it stocked. Great great guys are lucky!!!
Now onto some crochet business. While I was away I told you all I was on a bookmark kick....small projects that work up fairly quick. Here are some of my accomplishments. (which by the way half have been given away already)

Aren't they cute. The love sign hand was actually done in blue but the pic looks white. And I tried my hand at filet crochet with the heart one. These all came from a book I may have mentioned before called "3 Dozen and One Bookmarks" by Annies Attic. Great little book and everything was super easy using #10 crochet cotton....actually they are addicting. Anyway, that's about all I did on vacation aside from lots of reading. Check out what I'm reading now on the sidebar (or at the bottom of my blog) Pretty good book if you like Hepburn.
That's it for tonight....Sweetie Man is on his way home with some Chinese....and Plum wine to go with it....mmmmmm!
Oh, and a side note to those of you who live in Canada.......they just passed a law prohibiting the consumption of tic tacs in tanning salons. Sorry, Karen!
Till tomorrow....