Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mama Mia!!!

Hey, I actually am crafting and to prove it, I'm posting a couple of pics of the Quirky Ladies (aka Dolly Mama's) that I made for my sister recently. I've done this for her before but she wanted more for gifts.

They really are fun to make and inexpensive and the pattern is here. I have to be in the mood tho to make them as most crafts I do. Lately tho, I've been in the mood to cross stitch. I have quite a few to finish up and tried to do the "rotation method" of finishing up UFO's but I don't I'm so anxious to finish up my first biscornu that I haven't done anything else. I'm sure you've all seen this one on the Internet...I believe the pattern can by found free at cyberstitchers. I still have to do the back side.

I think I made a few small errors but this is for me anyway and I'm sorta obsessed with the whole biscornu thing (not to mention trying to find the correct pronunciation!) I think it's something about the odd shapes that catches my eye. I'll show you the finished project when completed.
I've been looking for some free patterns online and have found a few but would really like the ladybug biscornu one I've seen around. Can't seem to track that one down. I'm wondering if there is a hot pepper one also...if anyone knows, please let me know.
Other than that, I'm just enjoying the Summer and trying to take it easy. I'm sorta forcing myself not to let a messy house get to me with extra people around (college kids)....I think I'm managing to let it go and enjoy the company though. They are doing alot for me around the house so i really can't complain!
So, it's off to bed and onto Friday....and the WEEKEND!!! Till next time, yinz crazy guys!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Super Scrabble CRAZY!! we like Scrabble!!! Well, Sweetie Man likes it and now I'm hooked! We've been playing the regular one but then last night pulled out the SUPER SCRABBLE!!! That game is INSANE!!! I mean really...the point values are crazy!!! Quadruple Points for one letter???? What's up with that? Not to mention the board is double in size...the letter bag takes two hands to lift ...and it takes almost three hours to play the thing! We were determined to finish it and actually brought out a light onto the front porch and the bug zapper till it was over. For awhile I was multi-tasking and cross stitching while I was playing! I did beat the Sweetie Man which I still can't believe I did...I think he is letting me beat him since I'm the only one who plays it with him and he doesn't want me to give up saying I never win! He is way way better at words then I am! I mean, he can unscrabble jumble puzzles in the dark...okay, well he probably could! Anyway, it was fun and with the Sweetie Man home for a week on a well-deserved vacation, I'm sure there will be a few more games in our near future.
I do have to tell you that I found a pattern for a scrabble board cross stitch but I can't seem to download it....if any of you know of one that is easy to download, let me know. I have seen the Monopoly one but I'm really not into that game!
Well that's about it for now....till next time Y-I-N-Z C-R-A-Z-Y G-U-Y-S.....

Friday, July 18, 2008

Do you CHA CHA????

Well, I do....and I don't even dance!!! (just kidding!) It's actually fast becoming a very popular search engine site. You can do a regular websearch at or if you are out and about and only have access to your cell phone but you really need to know the nearest restaurant to have a bite to eat or how to make your dog stop barking at strangers in the park....just text ChaCha (242 242) and ask. They have on-hand trained ChaCha Guides who anxiously wait at their computer for the familiar "door bell" ring to give you your answer in a matter of seconds. And how do I know this you son and DIL are two of them....and they get paid everytime they answer a question.
They've been paying bills off with this while babysitting for my DIL's younger about ingenious kids.
It's sorta funny cause they wanted to go see the new Batman Movie midnight showing but didn't have enough money for snacks. So they said, "Hey, let's go Cha-Cha for awhile!" They are trying to get me to do it but I just don't have the time right now. Maybe in the winter I will. You do have to go through a rather serious online training process and you are timed and monitored but for two young married college works for the summer and probably will work for school also.
Now, if my son gets me to do it, then he gets a percentage of what I get...or something like that.
I'm not totally sure how it all works. It's not really a "pyramid thing" . If I joined and got someone to join, he wouldn't get any percentage from that person. Make sense?
So, check it....go ChaCha!!! And if you want to become a ChaCha Guide, email me and I'll give you my son's name for a'll be helping a struggling college student in the process!
So, till next time.....yinz crazy guys...go CHACHA!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BAD NEWS......

....THE TURTLE IS IN ON THE CONSPIRACY!!! She bit me good and hard yesterday when I was feeding her...broke blood! I had to shake her off and she flipped on her back....I personally don't know what she has to gain by knocking me off!!!! I'm so upset..."CUJEENA, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!"
...Don't think I'm not going to keep my eye on the rabbit and cat!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Canine Conspiracy!

Just in case you are wondering, I am doing crafts. I can't post any pics for two reasons...our dogs (4 at last count) decided it would be fun to play with the wireless router for the computer and knocked it off the one claimed responsiblity of course but I knew. My son is currently repairing the damages,
Actually, regarding the dogs...I've come to the conclusion that there is a "Canine Conspiracy" afoot...or would that be "apaw"? Anyway, anyone who knows me knows that I favor the older dog Katey. Don't get me wrong, I love them all, but Katey is older and has "issues" (floor licking, barking at reflections of aluminum foil in the kitchen and oven doors opening) Well the other day, I was walking down the steps and unbeknownst to me there was a kong at the bottom of the steps. Well, if you ever saw a kong (we have four of varying sizes, 2 med. red, 1 extra tough med. black, and 1 KING kong and you know who that belongs too) they are round and are filled with treats to keep the dogs busy for at least three seconds (if you are a Mastif/Lab anyway...enough time for me to escape out the front door). This particular morning, I stepped on it and fell on the wood floor (carpet currently being pulled up by my son and DIL). OUCH! I recovered with no broken bones only a nice bruise on my arm. I then proceeded through the cellar (aka basement for you non-Pittsburghers) to the outside to find my son's dog out there. (chocolate lab) He proceeded to pick up this 8 ft. tomato stack he found somewhere in the yard and whacked me in the leg!!! OUCH..again! I recovered! Well, I gotta tell you, these incidents so close together made me start thinking (along with the fact that I watch alot of Investigative TV) that this could be a canine conspiracy. I'll tell you why (then you let me know what you think):
1. Katey was attacked a few weeks ago by Chloe the young female terrier (who wants desperately to be the Alpha dog) and Katey was cut on the head. (it was over a food morsel)
2. I babied Katey for a couple of days letting her sleep in my room away from any night time attacks on her and to help her one inch gash heal.
3. The other dogs are outside without Katey alot and have a chance to "talk" if you know what I mean!
4. With Katey out of the picture, Chloe becomes the Alpha, but Chloe also knows that I protect Katey, hence, if she gets rid of the Queen (aka me) then getting rid of Katey is a piece of cake!
5. I see Chloe letting the other dogs, Eros and Reese, eat out of her kong, let them eat her treats....bribbery, I say.
So, whadda ya think? And what should I do??? Don't kid yourself....dogs are smarter than you think....given a couple thousand years.....Planet of the DOGS!!!!
Till next time (I hope)...yinz crazy guys!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

What's your DNA?

I think I did this before, but it has changed a bit I think since I've gotten married. Try's a fun!! (and pretty accurate when you read the Visual DNA Profile at the bottom of the screen.

Youniverse Personality TestYouniverse Personality Test

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Another Wedding....

....That's right!!! This time it's my handsome son and his lovely fiance who tied the knot on the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan! We are so excited and happy for them. It was definately one of the most beautiful weddings we ever witnessed!!!

Click to play Wedding
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