Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I know...I know... I know....

I haven't been a very good blogger lately but I've been busy being creative. I can't always post things as most of the things I make are for someone and I have to wait till they get it.
So, on that note, I'm posting some things I've made for my adorable great nephew, Owen. I had a pattern for the sock monkey but I also had a book that had the sock tiger in it. (also had a sock elephant but he was a little creepy looking...possibly when Owen gets a little older and enjoys creepy things)

Then I crochet this really cute hat for him from this year's Crochet-a-Day calendar. Super easy!

And I couldn't forget his mom and dad....I love crocheting these slippers. Pattern is HERE. I've made a bunch of these...notice the men's Steeler colored ones!!!

And last...but not least...my newest obsession....DOTEE DOLLS. Whipped this one up during the Bachelor last night. So incredibly easy and fun!! I've already started a second. Have no clue what I will do with them, but I do enjoy making dolls along with all the other things I do so maybe I'll just keep them for myself or start a collection or something. They are only about 4-5 inches long depending on how you make it. Just Google Dotee Dolls and you'll come up with a bunch of stuff. If I understand correctly, they were created by Dot Christian and became big on swap-bot last year....so I'm a bit late on things. But I love them!!

So, that's about it for now....as I create, so shall I post! Till next time, yinz crazy guys....