Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just a mag review....

Not that much to say today so I thought I would do a little magazine review. It happened that two days and many dollars later, I got my little Ford Escort back from the mechanic. Well, I must say it was extremely dirty so I decided to go to the car wash. After sitting in a row of five cars (this is were you need to have a crochet/knitting project always in the car somewhere) I got my car cleaned. Now I wanted to see if it was running up to par, so I decided to take it for a spin to the book/magazine store. I was looking for a particular magazine and being as I was cooped up in the house for two days,(aside from work) at the mercy of my son who had his car, (actually mine, but I'm supposed to say it's his), I was itching to get to any store. So I came across this particular magazine by Vogue, called Knit Simple. It's theSpring/Summer issue.

What caught my eye was that it had crochet on the front and it's a knitting magazine. So of course I made myself comfortable on the floor of the book store and skimmed through it. I liked it enough to buy it. When I checked it out at home, it did have a bit of crochet in it which were the flowers on the front of the magazine. They also gave a little tutorial on crocheting in a back section and a really nice knitting one with supplies you need, etc...

Now what I liked about the magazine is that it has these little informational sections....sorta like little knitting tidbits, book reviews, new products, etc.

I'm not one for magazines that have nothing but the patterns, unless of course there are alot of patterns I want. There are patterns in it, from knitted sweaters for kids to adults, as well as some cool vests, the crocheted flowers and lots of ideas on where to use them, and a really neat knitted afghan made with 12 individual squares to represent each month. This I would bet you could make following the same pattern using the afghan stitch in crochet, with a couple of tweaks. I haven't read it all yet, but it looks interesting, especially if you're new to knitting or restarting after a long long absence, such as myself.
So, that's my blog for today...not much, but hey, most of you were probably out enjoying this beautiful spring weather anyway, as was I.
I want to finish a particular crocheted purse that will be felted....I can't wait to try my first felting. Hopefully this weekend I'll do some pics from crocheted purse, to washer, to felted finished product. Sorta like we're doing it together...hey, you'll get to see the inside of my washer....try to hold in your excitement. So, till tomorrow and the beginning of the weekend.....(OH YEAH)......don't let the "blog" hit ya in the butt on the way out!!!! Tootles!