Friday, May 26, 2006

A little big of romance...

Okay...if you ever read my profile, you will see that I planned to talk about a little bit of crafting, a little about my son.....and a little bit of romance. Well, today is the "romance." Most of you know that my sweetie man is coming home today after a month long absence and I am totally excited and cannot wait. I've done some things that I cannot post pics of yet, but I will next week, which include the painting of my yucky kitchen which is now a beautiful pepper themed extravaganza! (and if I don't get my main computer back in one piece, as it is in the hands of the repair guy, you won't see the before pics!) Anyway, I came back to work from lunch yesterday only to find this huge box that was for me....and this was what was inside:

A dozen beautiful purple/mauve colored roses. I nearly cried. They are from my sweetie man celebrating the start of his weekend home. I've never had anyone treat me like this. Even after being with him for the past 6 years, he treats me as tho we just started dating. We'll be getting married probably the same year my son graduates from college if not sooner and I cannot wait. I don't want to say or dwell on my previous marriage as my ex and I are still friendly towards each other, but I truly think it was a case of "we could be friends but not marriage partners." I've learned alot and have grown even more in the past 6 years and have truly become the person that I knew I was inside....hence my love of butterflies and their emerging out of cocoons. So that's all I want and need to say today as I'm going to get ready to head off to the if I don't post for a day....don't worry.....I'll be enjoying my weekend with my sweetie man. Hope you all enjoy our weekend.....and hope you have loads of SUNSHINE....cause I will whether it is raining or not. Tootles!