Thursday, April 13, 2006

What I discovered...

Okay, it's not a thing I discovered in the sense of something to was an idea I discovered that makes sense. Remember a blog or so back when I was talking about the light bulbs and how if one burns out then they all start going out? Well, last night, my son came to me and said, "Mom, where are the light bulbs, mine just burned out?" I got him one and then when I went into the kitchen, another one blew out, and a couple of days ago, a night light in the hallway blew out......will this never end????? Yes, it will...because I have DISCOVERED evil forces behind this chain of crazy breaking down, blowing out events that have entered my life in the past few days. CHAIN EMAIL!!! That's right...those crazy emails you get from your so-called friends and family (because they know the secret) that tell you if you don't send this to a million friends you will have bad luck for the next hundred years!!!! Well, thinking back, I had a couple of those and they wanted me to sent them to a certain number of friends and also send it back to them. I absent mindedly counted the person who sent it to me as one of the 8 friends I was to send it too and the "EMAIL GODS" saw my cheating ways and decided to punish me!!!!
I'm sorry or great email gods and godesses....I promise that my cheating ways are over!!!!!
Needless to say, the next time I got one of those, (which was a day ago) I sent it to the number of necessary recipients PLUS one!!! Believe it or not things did improve...sorta! (personally I think they are all having a good laugh on me in the land of the might email gods/godesses) thing you didn't know.....and I have SAFELY done this one....if you have the slightest suspicion that your friend/family member sent you a Chain Email.....DO NOT READ IT IN ITS ENTIRETY......because once you read are done!!!! Once you get to the part that says....."send this to a million people...or else" have to send it to a million one!
Now, I'm just telling you this for your own's up to you whether you believe me or not....but next time three light bulbs burn out in a row, you blow out a car tire, and the air conditioning quits in your truck( and someone wants to fix it for $500).....don't come boo-hoo blogging to me!!! That's all I have to say!
With that said....enjoy your evening (it's amazing the crap I can make up when I have no pictures to post....damn, I'm good!) Till tomorrow....Tootles. (wait till I tell you my theory on losing weight and the floating calories!!!'ll love that one!)