Saturday, February 04, 2006


Well, it's one day closer to the Super Bowl and things are really heating up in the Pittsburgh area. Nothing but Steeler coverage in is absolutely crazy and so much fun! I'm still waiting for my gold yarn to come in today so that I can finish up the last couple of rows of my Steeler afghan. Even if it isn't completely done, I'm still going to drape it over the couch for the game.
We have sold so many Steeler buttons....then again I could probably paint anything black and gold and it would sell! We got up early to make more since a co-worker and friend of mine sold a bunch at her work and called me last night to let me know how many I sold. She said she could bring more into work if we have I just had to take a picture of the cutest guy I know making buttons this morning.....what a guy!!!! Look for more coverage of "how to have a Super Bowl" party for 4 (possibly 6) tomorrow (and hopefully my finished Steeler afghan)! GO STEELERS!