Monday, April 23, 2007


That's right...Spring has finally arrived in SW PA!!! This is different then the last warm spell....this is the real deal, folks!!! And those of you who've been a reader of my blog, of course remember our old sweetie-pie, Goose, who is also happy to be wearing her spring time best!!! (crocheted last year) Don't worry, Duck is around but I have to make new antennas for his bee outfit (puppies ate them last summer!)

And I can't forget to show you my favorite crafting and reading place.....

With the indoor/outdoor carpet and the nice little table in the background, the sweetie man and I spent quite a bit of time out here this past weekend dining outdoors and relaxing.....ahhhhhh!!!
Not to change the subject from the beautiful weather, but I forgot to show yinz guys the newest batch of shelf ladies I had to make for my sister. I made these last year also but I always change them depending on what stuff I have on hand....these turned out adorable, I thought!!!!
Check out the "blue boobies"!!!!

(sorry about the blur)
And as always, my favorite saying..."Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!"
Last but not least, I've been working on this wedding x-stitch....if I finish this one and it looks half decent, it will be a work of art...for me anyway. So many colors everywhere....I'm just not used to that, but it is a challenge and that is what keeps me going on it. Anyway, my x-stitch gru, Donna, suggested I try this thing called the Needle Park Avenue. It has a very strong magnet in the back to keep it attached to your project and you can change the symbols to whatever you want with a sharpie and some rubbing alcohol on the little piece of plastic there.

Have any of you tried it? It's definately better than nothing at all...I was spending more time looking for my stitches and where they are. With this, I can go row by row and pick up the needle that is needed. Gotta watch they don't get tangled tho. Donna also suggested I use a shorter needle which is also helping. I'm going faster than I was.....but still not too fast...but with this pattern I think it's just going to be slow going.
Well, that's about it for now. Almost time for the Bachelor so I'm off to see who's gonna get booted tonight! So, till next time, yinz crazy guys.....

Hey, yinz guys...

I had a great beautiful weekend and will be back later this evening with some of my Spring pics for yinz....BUT in the mean time, if you have a sec, check out Samplings from a Crazy Stitcher. She's a newby blogger and has some really nice stitching....also a fellow Sagittarian, enjoys James Taylor (one of my favs) and reads Picoult! (Hey....maybe I have a long lost twin!) Anyway, go on over and make her feel welcome.....yinz guys are all too great not to share!!! Till later, yinz crazy, guys.....