Monday, January 14, 2008

Let's get ready to RUMBLE....

What a beautiful face to start off the New Year....a new baby!!!

My great-nephew Owen. We got to see him for the first time at his baptism the last week of December....and he is gorgeous!!!! (but so is his Mom and Dad) We had a great time visiting with relatives and then it was time to head on back to get ready for the New Year!

By the way, that is me in the red and Sweetie Man in the suit next to baby Owen and his Mom and Dad.
And speaking of this not a model couple or what???

That's my very own little boy (did I say little???)and his sweetheart! We got to spend New Year's Eve with them on the Gateway Clipper Majestic for dinner. We honestly did not recognize them when they approached the boat....WOW! I'm so proud of them both...they looked AWESOME!!! We had a great time with them too!
I have been crafting too, believe it or not. Some things I just plain forgot to take pics of and I could kick myself. I crocheted a "skinny scarf" for my son's fiance as well as a pair of slippers for Christmas. For both of them, I cross stitched this really funny picture...I started it when they were both majoring in nutrition but now only my son is....his fiance changed her major in college. But they both liked it alot.

This next pic is of a cross stitch I did for my sister who just became a grandmother with the birth of baby Owen. It was a big hit. Sorry the picture doesn't do it justice. It really turned out nice.

Then, my son's fiance and I have both been scrapbooking over the past weeks. I got her alot of her own stuff to do it. She's made some really nice things but usually borrow items to work with. Now she had her own and we're planning more nights srapping when she's home. We had a couple of craft nights and I came up with this.

I thought I would start a book of things we did for this year as well as doing the past year's pictures. I have done some scrapbooking in the past but as I think I may have said before, I change crafts depending on my mood.
I'm really not used to the camera I'm using yet, but I'll get there.
Also, started a new diet as you can see by the ticker....actually I've been doing good. I have a goal and I think I'm going to make it as I have a good start. Tuesday will be my weigh-in watch for the changes....hopefully going down.
Another thing I'm doing is my own 50-book challenge. I signed up for Shelfari (see sidebar) and I really like it. Now that things have gotten quiet around here, I'm going to start shelving my books....I just love books!!!
I like to start the new year off with challenges and goals.....whether I make them or not, I like to give it a shot.
Well, I think I've talked enough for now. Hopefully I can blog alot more and read your blogs more. December was just very hectic with so much church stuff going on. Now I'm just going to chill for the winter. (get it? Chill..Winter?)
So, till next time, yinz crazy snowbabies......