Thursday, March 23, 2006

Poopy is over...

Okay...I'm back to reality...and feeling great. My poopy mood is over. First off, I got this cool book in the mail today, 200 Crochet Blocks.

I'm a big fan of I saw this book somewhere and got it used off of Amazon for less than the book store cost with shipping. 200 crochet blocks...that's alot! Haven't checked them all out yet, but it seems to have every possible block you could make. I look at it as 200 different needless to say, I'm happy.
And I started a new project. Don't moan...I had to. The purse I am using had a leaky pen in it and so I have to make another....right? Anyway, it gives me an excuse to try my first felted project. Dawn's Well-Traveled Bag that I've been dying to try.
Got the yarn from Knit Picks (that place is cheap) and I'm on my way. I will finish this one...guaranteed. I fell in love with this bag the first time I saw it. Here's the start...looks huge...but that will change I'm sure. I'll let you see the end results.

In the middle of that pic is my Mini Kacha Kacha.....or row counter.

I'm terrible with numbers...I wasn't in line when God was giving out memory for numbers.(must have been crocheting somewhere) This really helps. At least I can remember to click it everytime I finish a row. (don't laugh..wait till you get 9 months away from 50!)
So, just wanted to show you some stuff. I spent so much time on the computer yesterday, I really want to crochet tonight...and by golly I will!
So, you all take care....don't forget to read THE FUNNY PEPPERS (best viewed in Netscape or Firefox) and enjoy your evening!!! And remember......tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!