Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Wel, all the excitement of the Super Bowl is calming down. The big parade in Pittsburgh was today...WOW, that was something. There are no fans like Steeler Fans!
Unfortunately, there was no box of gold yarn at my door today to finish my Steeler afghan so I've started a baby afghan for Project Linus. I've also joined Crochetville. Now that's a friendly place. I can talk to people who talk my language...CRAFTS!!!! That is so great! You sorta just leave messages and get messages back from literally around the world...it's really cool. I don't know too many people who craft....okay make that only one die-hard crafter and she lives in Houston! So it's sorta nice to talk to others who have a love of crafts and crochet as I do. I'll post some pics of my new project linus afghan. I also want to add buttons and links to others blogs and just ........so much! And....ta-da....I'm in the crochet Olympics so I'll be starting that project on Saturday....or Friday depending on my time. I'll just have to take it one day at a time I guess. I'm just so excited to have some real craft buddies! I also want to post pics of my family as well as my four-legged family....but for now....I'm gonna go crochet! Later, gator!