Sunday, April 23, 2006

An evening to remember...

It was was magic! We had a fabulous time on our little three hour cruise on the Gateway Clipper's Magestic.
The food was excellent, the music was romantic...and the company was.....wonderful! I'm going to share with you a few pics of our night. First was the inside of the boat.

It was actually three levels with the third being outside I believe. We didn't get the outside pic of the boat because we were too close to it actually. It was funny because the Fall Out Boy concert was going on in the same area of town and we sorta got disoriented as to where the boat docks because of the long long line of kids going to the concert (my son and his gal pal being two of them!) Anyway we did make it on time.
The food was served in the middle of the dance floor and once that cleared the entertainment began. The Frank Sinatra impersonator not only sang like him but looked like him also.
We danced as he sang some of our favorite tunes.
The boat cruised so gently I kept forgetting that we were even on a boat.
We did manage to take some pictures before the entertainment begain and it got too dark. The first pic is the beautiful fountain at the point of the three rivers.
It was a rainy evening off and on but this pic looks like there wasn't a cloud in the sky.
Next, (for Courtney) we took a pic of the Home of the SuperBowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers...the one...the only....HEINZ FIELD!
Next is the Chevrolet Amphitheatre where my son was attending the Fall Out Boy Concert.
He said that they had an great time and with all the body surfing going on in the crowd, he and his gal pal managed to maneuver their way to five rows within the stage which is where they were when the main act came on. He took a video on his camera...I was stunned he got so close.
Anyway, as the sky darkened and lights were dimmed on the boat, we took a stroll to the outside of the and watched the reflection of all of Pittsburgh in the still waters. It was beautiful.
Our evening came to end and we left with wonderful memories of our Majestic cruise.....hope you enjoyed the trip with us and you got a little taste of where we live.....
For another take on the evening, check out The Funny Peppers (sweetie man's blog)....I think you will find he enjoyed it also. Till tomorrow.....