Thursday, March 02, 2006


Well, if you chose not to have hot dog soup for dinner, this is what you missed out on:

Oh, yeah and it was good and you are right, that is a little glass of White Zin with that....I do recommend a white wine rather than a red with hot dog soup. I also made, as you can see, a no bake Jello Oreo pie (my son and his gal pal love it). Let me know if you do try the hot dog soup and how you liked it.
Now, of course, I thought I would throw in a crochet tid-bit today also. I don't know if you have ever seen this done, but I was on this site of like 101 things to do with a 2 liter bottle and this happened to be one of them.

I don't know how well you can see it but all you do is cut the bottom of the bottle off, put in your yarn and just tape the bottom back with masking tape. Of course when you change yarns you will re-tape it again, but hey, it keeps the cat away and that's what I like it. Tho my cat has a tendency to lick plastic so I have a feeling he is going to do the same to the bottle....we'll see.
Well, that's it for tonight....I feel like crocheting a bit before turning in so stay warm...(if you would of had hot dog soup tonight, you would have definately been warm...he-he!) Ta-Ta