Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Getting better...

Well, the sinus thing is getting better. Still there today a little but as the weather evens out so do my sinus. I love my homemade microwave pad that I use for the sinus problem. I have quite a few of them. I've made big ones with placemats, quick ones with long heavy sport socks, and just plain ol' flannel. They work up so quick with feed corn. I guess that the feed corn holds the heat better than least that is what I've been told. We have a feed and garden center directly across the street from where I work, so that is cool for me. The guy there told me to put the feed corn in the freezer tho for awhile before I use it to kill all the creepy crawlers that may be hiding in there. If any of you have never heard of these corn pillows, let me know and I'll give you directions to make them or you can just google homemade microwave packs. I have literally just taken a sock and filled it about half way with the corn and tied a knot in the end. I then popped it in the microwave for about two minutes, put it on my head, the back of my neck or in the case of cramps, on my stomach....and soon I was feeling better. I just love those things.....make super gifts too. I would make various sizes and put them in a basket or whatever. Everyone loved them.
Boy, I really didn't have much to say today but I managed to find something....not bad. I'm actually on the last rows of my Shawl Swap shawl which is why I don't have too much to show you tonight. My recepient probably thinks she's not getting anything....I think it will be worth the wait I'm a bit of a procrastinator!
Well, that's it for tonight! I get to sleep in a bit tomorrow since I'm taking a personal day at work to help my sweetie man pack for a little trip he is taking. So, gang, till tomorrow.....tootles!