Sunday, February 19, 2006

Is this cool or what?

Hey, is this cool or what? Probably everyone is say, "whaaaat....we've been doin' that for years." Yeah, but I haven't! I'm so excited. Bought this bin yesterday at Big Lots for like $5.o0...actually I don't know the purpose of it...(I think it's for kids to be able to get their toys out of a bin or hand certainly doesn't fit in it!) but, I thought it would make a great yarn, eh? They came in different sizes, but I chose the middle size. I got it mainly for animal protection...and ease in lugging yarn around to different parts of the house. It works too, cause my cat didn't attack my yarn as much....I guess a string wasn't as inviting as a whole skein!
I didn't blog the last couple of days cause on Friday we sorta celebrated Valentine's day since we weren't together on the 14th. We were going to try out a new restaurant in the area but it was over an hour wait.....I don't think so....we'll wait till the hoopla dies down. So we went to Chili's. The rest of the evening was spent just snugglin and cuddlin'. (I really didn't feel like blogging if you know what I'm talkin' about!)
Yesterday, we shopped till we dropped. My sweetie was great....took me to Pat Catan's, a great cheap craft store here (really big) and probably bought more than I did (which I pointed out, of course). Ya know those glass block things that were popular over the holidays...the ones where everyone was trying to figure out how to drill a hole in to get the lights in?...well they come in plastic now with the holes already in he bought two. He's done some really nice wine bottles with lights so this will be nice. I of course spent my time there in the yarn section....more of what I bought there in the next few days (I gotta have something to talk about next week!)
CHECK percentage bars also that I put in on the blog...I'm so excited! (you'll learn it doesn't take much for me!) They were so much easier than anticipated. The more I work with HTML the more I'm understanding. Today....PERCENTAGE BARS....TOMORROW....THE WORLD..........
Well, that's about it for now.......till tomorrow...Lucy