Monday, December 11, 2006

Whadda Weekend!!!!

I don't know even where to begin. I had an awesome weekend for my 50th Birthday! First I want to thank everyone who wished me a HAPPY 50th and those who sent me the great guys are the BEST!!!! Thank you soooooooooooooo much!
Let's see...the events started on Friday night when the Sweetie Man took me on a wonderful romantic Snowball Captain's Dinner Cruise on the Gateway Clipper's Majestic which sails the three rivers of Pittsburgh! That was wonderful...dining....dancing....and a "little" wine made it a perfect beginning for what turned out to be a perfect weekend! Here's the pic of the two of us on the boat.....
Saturday, of course, was the tatto party at Electric Line Tattoo. Great place....awesome people....we tattooed....we ate....and we toasted my 50th. This first pic is of me getting my tattoo.
It really wasn't that bad. Like a sunburn..and it's what most people say. The results are this......

It's still healing and needs to scab over so in the end it won't be as black and more yellow and gold will come out. It's a swallowtail butterfly teaching the monarch how to spread its wings. Sorta my own idea. The symbolism is the Sweetie Man teaching me to come out my cocoon and not be afraid to be who I truly am and to believe in myself and the beauty that each of us has in ourselves. It pretty much sums up our past seven years together, so it means alot to me. I may have two twigs of a butterfly bush put behind it later next year. But I'm very happy I got it!

I also got alot of wonderful gifts besides the dinner cruise and tattoo from my Sweetie Man, my son got me a coffee press and the absolute best thermos mug from Starbucks.....I love it....keeps my coffee hot for over 3 hours!!!! And the coffee press makes my coffee nice and bold and strong just like I love it!!!
My sister, my niece and my niece's husband sent me a dozen white roses and congratulated me for being an official member of the 5-0 Club (ha-ha!) The flowers are beautiful!!!! My neighbors brought champagne and pizza to the tattoo party along with Sweetie Man's shrimp and champagne as well as bringing a delicious chocolate cake to my house afterwards. Needless to say it was an awesome day with lots of great gifts from great people! The best 5oth Birthday I EVER had!!!!
I think I'm still recovering from the whole thing as I'm still a little wiped out and plan on hitting the bed early....I'll be heading for dreamland land and another fun-filled fifty day! So, till tomorrow, yinz guys......