Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ok...I finally did it...

I finally did it...I turned on the air conditioner. I realized it's not all that warm outside BUT the one thing about my house is that I have no attic meaning the upstairs is like an attic. There can sometimes be a big difference between the first floor and the second floor only because of the lack of an attic. The house looks like a little victorian and is way different from any other house on the block...built we think in the 1920's.....I just love it! There must be something about older things that I like. For instance, I've been investigating and reading up on spinning yarn with a drop spindle. I think that is fascinating. I even found a site in which you could make your own drop spindle. Though I found a yarn store about a half hour from my house and I'm wondering if these yarn stores have wool for spinning and/or the drop spindles. I've never actually been in a yarn store. I've only gone to stores like JoAnns, etc... that sell yarn in addtion to other crafts and fabrics. I think I'm going try and have sweetie man take me over to this store. I'm not sure where it is, so being as I don't like to get lost while I'm driving, I'll take him along. He can drive and I'll "NAG-ivate" as he calls it. If anyone has any suggestions or has tried the drop spindle technique or knows any good sites to purchase the wool, let me know. I'd love to hear about it.
Okay...been spending alot of time outside since the weather is so nice, just sitting on my porch knitting/crocheting or reading. Karen asked me if the noise bothers me in the area. No....I sit in the evening and actually enjoy watching the cars go up and down my somewhat busy street. I think since I grew up with the noise, I actually have come to welcome it. I hear boats on the riever and trains blowing horns in the middle of the night and it's so peaceful. Plus we have a number of churches within walking distance that ring their bells sometimes playing a song. I'm so close to my new neighbors, that when they are out on their porch, I can still sit on my swing and talk with them. That's not to say I don't enjoy the quiet......when we go to Michigan and visit, the peacefulness is beautiful. So, I guess I like both...hey, I'm not difficult to get along with.
So, till tomorrow and the almost start of a long holiday weekend (and the weekend my sweetie man returns home....HOORAY!!!!)....tootle-lu!!!