Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Monkey!

Okay, I went to a baby shower for my new neighbor. You know I was working on the sock monkey afghan from the Happy Hooker book and I did finish it but I was concerned that I wasn't giving her enough. (I also added the hat and I made a pair of matching booties). I questioned some of the ladies on my Cal Pal about whether this was enough to give. Being as I don't know her all that well, yet anyway, the ladies said that they felt it was enough also considering the fact that is was homemade. Well, they were right. She got alot of great things mind you but when she opened mine, alot of the ladies looked in my direction saying, "Did you make that?"...."ohhh, I want one!" So, needless to say, I felt better. Oh, and my neighbor of course loved it...she was really impressed that I made that for her as I don't think she got any other homemade gifts. So without further adieu.....for your viewing pleasure.....the Monkey Afghan, Hat and Booties.....

The fact that she like it so much makes me want to make more stuff for her. The baby is due in December, so maybe I'll do something for when the baby is actually born.
Oh, well, that's it for now...enjoy your Sunday and....GO STEELERS!!!!