Monday, April 03, 2006

Planting thyme...oops "time"

So, we're not planting thyme but it was planting least for my sweetie man, Ed. He's been so anxious to plant his little seeds that he finally started this past weekend. He loves his Hot Peppers (as you know by his blog THE FUNNY PEPPERS) so there are various kinds of those as well as Roma tomatoes for his salsa and Chamomille for my dried tea. As you can see, he has this mini greenhouse thing going on outside.

Inside, my window sill in the living room is full of little pots of this and that. It's so cool to see them emerging in the sunshine. This picture is of one of the pots though a little blurry, you'll get the idea.

Unfortunately, we are getting a bit a cold weather tonight (32 degrees for the low) and a rain and snow mix Tuesday. was so windy this afternoon, all the tops blew off the mini greenhouses even tho they were tied down. I had to go chasing them through the yard. I brought the greenhouses in my cellar (same as a basement...Pittsburgheese) for the next day near the best window I could find. The end of the week should bring warm temps so they will definately head back out. Keep your fingers crossed.
We're also going to build a small garden from these log things (sorry, Ed...I forgot the name of them) which will be really nice once we fill it with lots of top soil. It will be a fairly decent size too and will decorate the yard a bit...something to look at while crocheting outside.
I'm personally looking forward to the front porch being cleaned up..We love the porch swing out there and spend many hours sitting, relaxing, crafting, reading and just being....We cannot wait for that.
Well, that's it for tonight. This daylight savings time is not in my brain yet! It's so funny...when I came home from work, the cat was still sleeping which he usually is up and ready to go....but heck, he's still on standard time...go figure...hey, he doesn't know. Unfortunately, he'll probably be running around when I'm trying to get to sleep. to dreamland....till tomorrow...Tootles!