Monday, March 06, 2006


Okay, I did my first amigurumi. I got a bunch of patterns, then sorta put them together and came up with an Amigurumi Sock Monkey. What do ya think?

I was pretty happy with him except I think I stuffed him a little too much in the belly. I'm not one to go out on my own with patterns, so this was highly unusual for me. Tho I noticed that the older I get, the more creative I get. (I'll be a genius at 100...mmmm) These amigurumi's are I don't have three billion other projects going on. They are quick to work up for a break from the longer items. Makes me think that I really am capable of finishing something. The more I read blogs, the more I see that everyone has a billion projects going at one time....I feel so normal...whew!
As you can see, I've also joined Project Spectrum. I decided to put a picture of my diningroom table centerpiece I put together for Valentine's day but never changed yet. It's red and goes with the March theme.

You really do tend to look for red things to take pictures of. It really does make you notice colors more...weird, but fun! I think I'm going to enjoy this. I'm looking forward to the postcard swap with that also. I think I'm too late for March so I'll see what happens in April. Am anxious to start. I've met so many nice people online with blogging and in Crochetville. I just don't know that many people who enjoy what I do in regards to crafting....this is great!
Well, gonna do some crocheting then hit the hay. Till tomorrow and another day to craft....