Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Fall!

Thought I would start off today with a little first full day of fall Saturday Sky.

Pretty yucky but still a wonderful day. It actually wasn't too cool and the sun popped out a little but then the rain came in in the evening. That was a good thing cause it gave me a chance to do a little fall decorating as you can see. I made all this stuff through the years.

Check out this scarecrow pic......someone just HAD to get into the picture.

We did a little shopping at Walmart this morning after an early morning breakfast and I came up with these two magazines.

The really good magazines are coming out now with all the holidays. The Easy Crochet one had some nice easy things in it as well as some mittens, hats, and such. They did a really nice job in telling you what yarn was needed as well as giving you a small chart of pictures of each of the types of yarn used in the magazine. Most of it was either Bernat or Paton. Nice mag...check it out.
And of course, I had to get this year's Christmas Ornaments. I think I have about every one of these from each year since it began. I love cross stitch ornaments....not long and really cute. I also get in a cross stitch sorta mood around the holidays as well as doing redwork.

I've been wanting to show you the pic of my first official washcloth. I know most of you knitters have probably seen this pattern around but I definately fell in love with it mostly because of the butterfly. This is the one that I had to frog and begin again since a cute little puppy got hold of it.

Well, time to go watch a little college football with the Sweetie Man whilst I crochet then off to sleep (probably get some reading in there too) The Sweetie Man made a delicious spaghetti dinner with garlic toast and warm apple pie with coffee ice cream for dessert. All those carbs sorta tire ya out if you know what I mean....zzzzzzzz....oh, sorry...till tomorrow yinz guzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....