Monday, July 14, 2008

Canine Conspiracy!

Just in case you are wondering, I am doing crafts. I can't post any pics for two reasons...our dogs (4 at last count) decided it would be fun to play with the wireless router for the computer and knocked it off the one claimed responsiblity of course but I knew. My son is currently repairing the damages,
Actually, regarding the dogs...I've come to the conclusion that there is a "Canine Conspiracy" afoot...or would that be "apaw"? Anyway, anyone who knows me knows that I favor the older dog Katey. Don't get me wrong, I love them all, but Katey is older and has "issues" (floor licking, barking at reflections of aluminum foil in the kitchen and oven doors opening) Well the other day, I was walking down the steps and unbeknownst to me there was a kong at the bottom of the steps. Well, if you ever saw a kong (we have four of varying sizes, 2 med. red, 1 extra tough med. black, and 1 KING kong and you know who that belongs too) they are round and are filled with treats to keep the dogs busy for at least three seconds (if you are a Mastif/Lab anyway...enough time for me to escape out the front door). This particular morning, I stepped on it and fell on the wood floor (carpet currently being pulled up by my son and DIL). OUCH! I recovered with no broken bones only a nice bruise on my arm. I then proceeded through the cellar (aka basement for you non-Pittsburghers) to the outside to find my son's dog out there. (chocolate lab) He proceeded to pick up this 8 ft. tomato stack he found somewhere in the yard and whacked me in the leg!!! OUCH..again! I recovered! Well, I gotta tell you, these incidents so close together made me start thinking (along with the fact that I watch alot of Investigative TV) that this could be a canine conspiracy. I'll tell you why (then you let me know what you think):
1. Katey was attacked a few weeks ago by Chloe the young female terrier (who wants desperately to be the Alpha dog) and Katey was cut on the head. (it was over a food morsel)
2. I babied Katey for a couple of days letting her sleep in my room away from any night time attacks on her and to help her one inch gash heal.
3. The other dogs are outside without Katey alot and have a chance to "talk" if you know what I mean!
4. With Katey out of the picture, Chloe becomes the Alpha, but Chloe also knows that I protect Katey, hence, if she gets rid of the Queen (aka me) then getting rid of Katey is a piece of cake!
5. I see Chloe letting the other dogs, Eros and Reese, eat out of her kong, let them eat her treats....bribbery, I say.
So, whadda ya think? And what should I do??? Don't kid yourself....dogs are smarter than you think....given a couple thousand years.....Planet of the DOGS!!!!
Till next time (I hope)...yinz crazy guys!!!