Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The return of Goose and Duck...

Goose and Duck were actually meant to appear as a Mother's Day picture on Sunday. But seeing as my lovely lap top computer was not functioning up to snuff....they are appearing for your enjoyment a few days late.

The picture isn't all that great as the weather has been rainy...rainy...did I say, rainy!!!! We actually did see a bright light in the sky today in the afternoon.....someone said that it is called...the SUN? mmmm...interesting! Hope we get to see it was nice!Anyway, as before, Goose's attire is from the Month of May section of Annie's Attic Goose and Gander Parade Crochet. Duck on the other hand is a creation of my own. Yeah...really...I did that one all by myself. That's really not like me as I'm a die-hard pattern person...gotta have the pattern in front of me. But I created the bee outfit. I put Duck in front of me and just kept measuring the outfit as I was crocheting. Cool eh?
Okay...that's it for now.....let's hope we see that bright light in the sky soon....I miss my porch swing (I've actually had the furnace on today...brrrrr) Till tomorrow.....stay warm (if you live in PA anyway!)