Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Sunday Project

Okay, it's rainy and dreary outside so what better time than a Sunday afternoon to work on small projects. The first project was to mat a picture for a friend of mine with a mat cutter I bought but never used. That was sorta easy. (I know how to use it now) The second was with wood. I wanted a knitting loom that was smaller than the 12 peg ones and I couldn't find any on the internet or in stores. So, I decided to make one out of wood. With the help of my sweetie who picked out what I might be able to use, I came up with this:

What this is is the top of a small round wooden box which I cut a hole in with my scroll saw then drilled holes for the pegs. I did a bit of wood burning on the sides and top, stained it and then varnished it. Now whether it will work is another story...I'll let you know.
I do have to tell you about the slick wood burning tool I used on this. It's called Hot Marks:

It has all these tips that you can use to burn into anything from wood to paper as well as cutting stencils. It's actually sold as a tool for scrapbookers but I'm sure you creative folks in the postcard swaps would have a blast with this. Check out for more info. I believe I got mine online from JoAnn Fabrics who may also have them in their stores as well as other craft stores....may be in the scrapbooking section though. (not too expensive) It's alot of fun but it is HOT! Definately not for the little ones (I have a burn on my thumb to prove it!).
Check it out.
Well, that's it for now....Oh, before I forget, a question for Sue...what are bloglines and how could they help me in seeing who has posted in my Favorite Blogs. (Or anyone else who wants to answer for that matter). I love to read everyone's blog but it would be easier and quicker if I knew when they had a new post. to the needle and yarn...till tomorrow! And remember...wherever you go, there you are! Tootles!