Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Have an obsession?

Anyone watch Good Morning America? Anyway, they posed this question which I thought was pretty good. Seems this lady had an obsession with makeup and was trying to go a week without using it...she did it but had alot of trouble. The question they posed was, "What could you NOT go without for one week?" Now I don't think they meant people or food items, tho they did mention coffee, but I'm gonna narrow it down and say NOT including food items or cigarettes. (cause no coffee with probably send me to the looney bin!) In my case I would have to say, CHAPSTICK....or lip balm or anything to make your lips moist. I happen to have it on me all the time plus in practically every room of the house. I do not leave the house without it in my pocket or purse. Have a couple sticks at work. Goes on first thing in the morning and last thing at night...sometimes even in the middle of the night if I get up for whatever reason. Even vaseline will do. I cannot stand to have dry feeling lips that you have to constantly lick. I probably swipe them every hour or so! With that said, tell me what you cannot go without for a week, be it a watch, earrings, makeup, brush, whatever.....this should be interesting. So, till next time, yinz crazy guys! (excuse me while I go moisten my lips)