Thursday, May 04, 2006

Get this!!!

Okay, remember that cute little sock that I showed you a picture of yesterday....the one that I spent 3 days doing 8 rows, or whatever,....that sock I was going to use for a swap....the sock that I was so proud of cause I got so far???? IT'S GONE!!!!! ZIP!!! ZILCH.....GONE!!!! And you know why it is gone? Because I thought I didn't have to give 100% to paying attention to every stitch I was doing....I said to myself, "gosh, I'm getting the hang of this...I can let my mind wonder a bit!" WRONG!!!! Next thing I knew I had TWO EMPTY NEEDLES IN MY HAND...NOT ONE...TWO!!! I can't tell you what came out of my mouth...okay....I said, "OH, CRAP!" I convinced myself that it just wasn't meant to be cause thanks to Sydney's comment on yesterday's blog, I think I may have been using the wrong size needles for the weight of my yarn. But never fear....I happened to have some nice gray wool yarn that I think will work on these # 3 needles...and I've already started on the new pair! So, hopefully I'll show you my progress in an upcoming blog.
On a happier note.....I just had to show you a picture of the cutest little cookie....that's what I said COOKIE!

Don't you just want to eat them up!!!! And I did....they taste the same as the real size without the calories. Check them out if you are a weight watcher like me (yep, I watch my weight go UP....and I watch my weight go DOWN....unfortunately the UP is ahead of the DOWN....but I'm trying!)
Okay, enough for tonight....I'll talk to yunz all tomorrow....tootle-lu!