Monday, October 09, 2006


Yep...I've got something....not quite a cough...sorta just alot of congestion! I really haven't been doing much and I'm bummed cause it was such a beautiful weekend and I sorta missed out on it. You see, the Doc gave me some medication that I thought was supposed to clear up the congestion but it was actually a cough needless to say, the congestion was not going away. PLUS this stuff made me woozy and sleepy and gave me a slight headache as well as the itchy's. (I think I may have been allergic to it!) Anyway, I went back to the old standby....Vick's Vaporub, standard vaporizer, hot tea, Cough medicine that has an expectorant in it, and tropical flavored halls (don't you think I smelled yummy!) Oh, and that sweet sweet man of mine made homemade (from scratch) chicken soup with fine noodles and it tasted just like my mom used to make....was so so good!!! Anyway, I'm feeling a little better and a little less congested and no woozy. So, I'll be getting back to my yarn...I hate feeling yucky! So, that's about it...nothing new other than that. Oh....check me out tomorrow for sure....someone EXTREMELY SPECIAL is having a birthday and I need you to send some special wishes!!! Catch ya later!