Saturday, March 04, 2006

I love Saturdays...

Okay...I didn't do any crocheting today...but I love Saturdays! I slept in till 9:30 or so, and went out for a late breakfast with my sweetie and my son and his gal pal. Did a little shopping and bought some yarn. Got some patterns in the mail I was waiting for (will post in the next couple of days) and then took an afternoon nap....basically just chilled out. But I really don't lead a very stressful life (been there...done that) this was just a more "chilled" day!
I did have this idea hit me when I was driving. Listen to this....this year I hit the big one...the big 50! But since I plan on living till 108, I'm really not even half way through with my life. Anyway, I wanted to do something special...something that would be memorable for me and a little bit rebel. Something that people would say, "why would you do that?" I can't tell you about it yet...but I have it in my mind. My birthday is not until December so I may change my mind...but I don't think I will. (no, I'm not jumping out of an airplane!) I did tell my family of my thoughts; my son said to go for it, my sweetie said he wouldn't do it, but if I wanted it then so be it basically. If you have some ideas on celebrating the big one, feel free to let me idea isn't a definate....but I really do like it. Keep in mind, I have this tiny rebel streak in the fact that my hair is past my waist is a little rebel for son is afraid I'll have long gray hair one I'll braid it and do one of those grandma wraps....sorta praire-like! I like to do things where people say, aren't you a little "old" for that....when in's what keeps me young! I love it! Okay, that's it for now....tootles!