Thursday, February 16, 2006

I WON!!!!!!!

That's right...I won the "Cats in my Craft Basket" contest sponsored by Amy (Check out my buttons to the left and visit her blog) I'm so excited...all I had to do was post comments every day in her blog and then my name went into the basket for a crochet goodie basket....oh yeah! I love getting craft anything....especially yarn now that I'm doing quite a bit of crocheting. There are so many beautiful colors and textures now that I just want to try all of them. Thank you, Amy!
Speaking of yarn, I had to do a couple rows of frogging olympic piece was starting to curve a I frogged.
When I tell people about frogging sometime they think I'm joking...but we in the craft world know that there really is such a thing. It got me to thinking about how, if we had alot of time on our hands, could probably come up with a language all our own that would save us alot of unnecessary arguing with our "roomies" on how much money we spend on yarn and the like. For instance, say you were on the phone with your best craft friend and you were dying to tell her (him) about the great deal you got on a recent yarn purchase, BUT, your sweetie was in the might go something like this in a "craft" language:

"Hello?....Susie?.....Sweetie, could you put Mommy on the phone.............Susie, listen to this. I went to the park (craft store) today and the weather (sales) was tremendous. There was a beautiful lake (yarn sale) and I just had to partake (buy) of the refreshing and welcoming waters (I really wanted this yarn even tho I don't need it). I took off my shoes (took out the credit card that wasn't maxed out) and dipped my feet into the tranquil serenity (bought a crap load of yarn). I felt so much better and relaxed. (luckily hubby doesn't know that I also went back in to buy more with the electric bill money). You must join me sometime at the park (craft store) so we may relax together (can you go to the store with me and buy more yarn). Well, Susie, my sweetie (husband) is calling me for dinner. We'll talk soon (be ready with money Saturday morning at 10 am sharp)."

You head back to the Kitchen for dinner, hubby says, " I thought you were going shopping today". And you reply, "Oh, honey, I spend way to much of your hard-earned money, I decided to relax at the park and think about how much I love you." Then hubby replies, " That is so thoughtful of's $50....go treat yourself."

Enough said! So the bottom line here is...why stop with "frogging"....let's make a whole new language....just for us!!!!! Anyone up for the could possibly double your stash!

That's it for now....oh, lest I forget....Happy Birthday to Jerome (the BUS) Bettis who turns 34 today! (just in case he reads my blog) Enjoy...Lucy