Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Feet.....

And these Happy Feet are happy to get the heck out of my house and onto the Cal Pal ladies for the ornament swap...better late than never!

I'll show you the complete picture next week after they are at their final destinations! Can you guess what they are??
And about my new look......thank you everyone for telling me how nice it looks. It's not really the look I wanted but it has the capability of having a few tweeks for each season till I get tired of it. I still have a few add ons like completing the blog roll thingy on the side. If you don't see your blog their don't panic till I tell you too...I'm still adding on.

Also, a BIG THANK YOU to Sue at Good Yarns for the ADORABLE Sock Monkey she sent me in the mail for my birthday!!!!
I love it!!!!! It will go on my tree and I may have to find a place for it in the house so I can have it up all those monkeys!!!
And speaking of my birthday, it's coming up next Saturday. As you know, or maybe you don't, I'm getting a tattoo to celebrate my 50th (cause I don't want to jump out of a plane!) . So my crazy neighbor is helping me plan this tatoo party believe it or not for myself. We went on Saturday to check the place out and meet the guy and look at some tattoos. It's a pretty new place and extremely clean and my neighbor had hers done there....he's a very good artist but sorta quiet, not what I expected; but then again I never met a tattoo artist. My neighbor is bringing a cake and some champagne and my Sweetie Man plans on bringing some shrimp. No drinking till after the tattoos are done though! We may have about ten people there....gosh, I haven't had a birthday party since I turned 16....this should be fun...and a bit strange, but so am I.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We sure did! The turkey was green and so were our faces.....

Okay, the turkey had some special pesto or something seasoning on it sorta like a Puerto Rican turkey....Sweetie Man lived in Puerto Rico for awhile and one of his good friends is from there. The turkey was DELICIOUS!!!!
And I made a couple of pies, one being Mincemeat as the Sweetie Man loves this kind. He thought it looked so picture perfect, he wanted to take a pic of here it is.....

We had so much fun......after eating we played some board games and laughed till we could barely breath! Oh....and by the not eat these..... They are little tiny bottles of chocolate filled with liquor.....very dangerous....immediately send them to me and I will dispose of them safely (tee-hee).
Then after following my son's advise and going with him to the outlet's on Black Friday, (not the best idea...but fun!) we pooped out Friday night and just chilled on Saturday playing games and doing facials (reason for the green-blue faces!) Well, only the girls did! I also had to finish some crafts for someone. Specifically these cuties....

Actually the only one was the big girl panties and I had to make 15 of them. So the Sweetie Man's daughter (my future step daughter) helped me finish those up which was a real blessing!
They are very easy to make and fun. They are made with roof flashing (can be bought cheaply at any building supply store)...I think I've made a billion of them. Check out this site for the directions....Quirky Sitting Ladies. Check out her website too for some ideas. So cute!!!!

After everyone left on Sunday, I rested pretty much all last week and did alot of laundry! So now it's onto putting up the Christmas decorations which will begin this week and the tree next weekend. Also back to the treadmill since as you may have noticed the three pound gain...don't worry, I'm not giving son won't let me!
Hope you were able to get through my whole blog. I tend to ramble but I did want to give you to low-down on the absence of posts. Now that I'm caught up and things are back to normal, I'm hoping to be around a little son is still hogging the computer but hopefully his will be back this week! So till tomorrow, yinz guys......