Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm better...

Well, I'm better...thank you for all of your good was only a goofy head cold so I'm just a little stuffy now, which I can deal with. I gotta tell ya this funny story, tho. We recently were lucky enough to have this big mall built about 5 minutes from us (Pittsburgh Mills) with alot of surrounding new development (walmart, sams, lowes, and alot of new restuarants). Well, my sweetie has been wanting to go the the Longhorn Restaurant really bad. We finally went even tho we had to wait an hour to get seated. We finally got our meal, his was the biggest steak thingy they had....(and the most expensive, I thought) 20 oz of meat. Well, they gave him the wrong steak (only a 15 oz...he's on the Atkins diet and 5 oz. means alot to him) Anyway, he told them nicely, blah, blah, and we got the correct steak, no problem..everyone's happy! Well, then the waitress and manager came over and told us the steak was free cause of the mistake. That was $22.00 they took off of our bill. Was that nice or what? Needless to say, we ordered dessert and walked out of there soooooooooooooooooooooo stuffed! So, check it out if you have one near you, ordered the biggest steak they have, and hope they make a mistake!!!
Ok, another story....remember that gold yarn I've been waiting and waiting for to finish my steeler afghan? Well, I called Caron again to find out where it is since I called before and straightened out the credit card mistake I made. Well, the guy who answered said he doesn't know what happened, but he kept apologizing, and I was as sweet as pie saying it was okay don't worry, we all make mistakes (I can really lay it on thick when I want to) and guess what? shipping and priority mail for ME! Saved $5.00 cause of their mistake! Is this my lucky week or what!!!! So hopefully I'll get it next week.
Check out my pics too...I got my Idiots Guide to Crocheting and Knitting used through! I wanted to take a pic of it so my man said, "hey, take it with me holding it." So I did.....Now all you ladies, show this pic to your sweetie and tell him, "isn't that sweet...a man who is interested in crochet and knitting." Hey, maybe it will help to get you a few crochet/knit bucks. Just don't show him the second picture, which is what my sweetie REALLY wanted to do this afternoon!!!!