Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cute purses for little ones..

I've been dying to make these purses ever since I saw them on the Lion Brand site. Aren't they the cutest? I guess you are starting to realize that I tend to favor crocheting purses. Actually I enjoy sewing them and have even done small beaded ones. Ever since I can remember I've had a thing for purses. For alot of women it's shoes or jewelry...for me it's purses.
Anyway, these are made with the Lion Brand Micro-spun. I love that stuff. It's soft and silky at the same time and very very easy to work with. The first is the Tulip Purse that I did in yellow rather than the coral/pink suggested. The second is the Blossom Purse.

Another thing I found out about these purses, is that the Crochet Dude designed them for Lion. He claims they can be made in an hour....well, it took me a little longer. The tulip one possibly an hour but the flower one is a little longer. They are very easy though. They are a little smaller than I had anticipated but so so cute.
Well, that's it....just wanted to show you these. I was working outside and am a little pooped to say the least. The weather was so perfect today but they say we have some rain coming. Hey, I can still sit on my porch when it's raining, so I don't mind it.
So till tomorrow and my favorite day of the week.........nite all!