Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fishing on the Cheasapeake

As promised, here are the beautiful pictures of our fishing trip last weekend on the Cheasapeake Bay in Maryland. It was an incredible perfect weather day. The currents were really low and there wasn't a cloud in the sky not to mention the temperature was just right. The first pic is of some of the ships in the dock area. We had fun just reading some of their names and thinking about what we would name one, if we were lucky enough to own one.

This next one is me, of course, at the entrance to "Happy Harbor"!
Here's the Sweetie Man fishing...he's done this before so I had some help thank goodness.

Me again....
One of the many fish caught on the trip....this one was a Rock Fish caught by none other than the Sweetie Man himself.....and it was good eatin', let me tell you!

Another picture of the many boats at the dock as the evening came to an end. We actually had to ride out about 45 minutes before we got to where we were going to fish so it was a gorgeous 45 minute ride back.
And a picture of all the "one eyed" fish that were caught....okay, okay, there's another eye on the other side for you non-fisherpeople! They even skin, filet, and put them in bags ready for the fry pan! It was the best!

So, that's it for the fishing trip to Maryland. Next week I'll get yinz guys some pictures of yarn and projects and stuff or else I'm gonna have to turn this blog into a vacation blog. I'm actually vacationed out if that is even possible....they were all great times though and I'm glad I got to share them with ya! So till tomorrow, yinz guys....