Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Somewhere over the rainbow....

....a YARN rainbow, that is!!!! Go Figure! I realized that I never showed a picture of one of my favorite WIP that I actually started probably about the same time I started blogging. It's my colorful Rainbow Waves Afghan. As you know, or maybe your don't, I love colorful things....the more color....the better!!!! This project is only about a third of the way done but it's going to be my favorite afghan. I had originally planned on donating it but I'm fallling in love with the looks of it way too much. I actually think I'm not doing the pattern right but what the heck, it's turning out great. It really is a no brainer! It's all just single crochet except on the first row of each new color, you will insert the hook in the row below, then two rows below, then three rows below then back up again. Really easy and fun. I was thinking that the close up of the afghan could almost be used as a background on a computer screen. I may have to try that one. You may want to also check out the site that this afghan pattern came's called Crafty Council....just click on the words and it will link you on over. There is both knitting and crocheting patterns. (knitting is at the top of the page and crocheting at the bottom)
Well, not much more to say, except the reason I didn't blog yesterday was because my new neighbor and I got to talking about this and that and how to grow herbs and then the pregnant neighbor came over and started talking and before I knew it it was 11 pm and I was ready to hit the hay. I'm just sorta bummed that I'm behind on my blog reading....I love reading everyone's blog and leaving comments....but I'm trying my best, so don't give up on me.
Well, I'm ready to hit the hay, yunz guys...till tomorrow! Tootles!