Monday, June 19, 2006

A fun weekend...

Okay...first and foremost, I want to say a big BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful son on his 19th birthday today! (Monday) I've said it before and I'll say it again....I would go through everything I've gone through in my life just to have him exactly the way he is today! He and the Sweetie Man have been my supports, my cheerleaders, my everything.....they've both stood by me when things look darkest and told me that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I hope I've done the same for them.
And speaking of Sweetie Man....I hope we gave him a wonderful Father's Day as he deserved it in every way. He will be my son's "official" stepfather in a couple of years when Ed and I marry....but I give him the credit for my son being the great kid he is. He is so wonderful to him and my son respects him so so much. Happy Father's Day, Ed....thank you for being the best Dad ever in our lives! You were so worth the wait!
Now onto our fun Father's Day. We went to the monthly fleatique that is held at a place nearby call Tour Ed Mines. They really give coal mine tours but I've never had the opportunity to go on one. Anyway, here are some of the pics.
First is a small section of what the fleatique looks like on a fabulous early Sunday morning:
Here's the Dad with his cool T-shirt on that he insisted on wearing. (can you read what it says?):

Here's the Dad carrying a cool find of a antique coat rack he got among many other things as the morning progressed:

We found alot of goodies, namely some Kensington Ware which we collect. New Kensington was the headquarters till about 1967, I think. (click on the "Kensington Ware" words and go to the section entitled "History" for more info) Most of it is sorta like a brushed metal that I think just about was made in everything from bowls, pitchers, cups, furniture, etc.....I couldn't even tell you what all. My mom used to work in the offices as an office manager when she was young so I sorta have a special interest in it.
I also got my share of old Nancy Drew books which I collect as well as a Girl Scout Manual from 1933 for $5.00. Also for your enjoyment, I got these goodies for $5.00 in one big basket:
They must have been from an estate sale. Some of the threads look old but are in very good condition. They are all sorts of sizes need to buy threads for awhile. There are also some doilies someone made....some finished, some not.
Then I also found this cool set of plastic knitting needles in a pretty flowered zippered case which the vendor said belonged to his grandmother's mother or something like that. It was $12 but we got him down to $10.00.
So needless to say, it was a good day. We came home, the Sweetie Man made a delicious meal with steaks, corn on the cob, and beans all on the grill and key lime pie for dessert. He loves to cook as you know.....but I cleaned up which his meals are worth the work, believe me. Oh yeah!
I hope your day was as awesome as ours!
Well, gotta's about to storm and I need to shut down for awhile. So, catch ya all tomorrow!