Thursday, January 04, 2007

Before you say anything....

...keep in mind I didn't say I would post EVERYDAY. I said that WHEN I post, and you leave a comment for THAT will get your name put in the Blogiversary Drawing. If I post only 15 times till January 27 and you comment 30 times, that means you are getting only 15 chances to win! Does everyone understand that! Good, cause now I don't feel so bad about not posting yesterday!!! (tee-hee!) You thought I was angry, didn't you? NAW!!!

Okay.....I just have to show yinz guys this....remember this little guy?.....

Who then became this little bigger guy?.........

Well, now our 5 month old (yep- 5 month old) has turned into a full-fledged "lap dog"!

That's really not a good picture of him....his face is so adorable..especially when he looks at you with those big black eyes of his....he is sooooo sweet! And he is so in love with our little Chloe (the terrier) She will be munching away on something and he will lay next to her and put his huge head on her back...and she doesn't even budge. Luckily, she is "fixed"!!! Whadda crew we have!!

I also wanted to show these little ornaments I finished up. Actually I stitched them a long time ago and ran across them as I was going through my cross stitch stash.
I believe that people who now live in heaven sometimes send us little messages just to let us know they are there and thinking about us as we do them. The one little ornament has the name "Joe" on it. I had planned one year to stitch little stockings for everyone in the family but only made one for my brother Joe. Well, he lives in Heaven now with his wife, and my parents, and I think finding this was his way of telling me Merry Christmas and, being as he was a tremendous animal lover and owned quite a few in his day, he was telling me, "hey man, nice dogs!"
So, with that, (don't forget those comments!)....till tomorrow, yinz crazy guys!