Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Crafty Accomplishment!

Okay....so this is my only crafty accomplishment for the year....(so far)

I was looking for a valentines wreath and I just couldn't find anything for my door. So I came up with this. It's a flat piece of round plywood sorta stuff that I got in the floral department of Michaels. I stuck these foam hearts that came in a kit all over it then added a bow...BINGO, instant decoration. Being as it isn't up that long anyway with St. Pat's Day and Easter right around the corner, I wasn't really concerned with it.
I have been working on something else too...but there are spying eyes around (you know who you are, Sweetie Man) and I can't show you quite yet. All in due time!
I'm reading alot too....got three and one half books done towards my 50 book goal for the year! One book I just finished was actually three individual books that were in one volume....but it's still three books, right?
The Sweetie Man has been away for work and before he left, he so kindly asked our Pastor to keep me busy while he was away so the time would go fast for me....little did Sweetie Man know that our Pastor took him seriously, I guess, and I have not stopped since. Between Youth Groups, Planning Meetings and Power Point presentations for our church service....I'm definately BUSY!!! (and I love it!) But that's okay too cause if you haven't already noticed (psst...side bar!) I've officially lost 11 pounds!!! OH YEAH...HAPPY DANCE!!!! Sweetie Man is an awesome cook and it's his hobby...I, on the other hand, hate to cook, so I've been lean cuisining it for the most part and doing a bit of exercise when I'm not busy with church things. It's really the only time I can easily diet...when Sweetie Man is away! The real trick will be to stay with it when he comes back home....just gotta stay focused....and busy!
Well, that's about it for now......Till next time, yinz crazy guys......