Thursday, October 19, 2006

What have I gotten myself into.... now the secret is out...I need to lose 40 lbs. (Thanks for the link to weight tracker, Kari) At least according to my doctor (who I have an appointment with next week) I really realized this is serious when after walking the puppies and playing with them alot on Monday (check story below), I was aching to no end on Tuesday. I mean, all I did was a little bending and chasing, but I literally felt like I was 100 years old! That is ridiculous. Anyway, to make a long story short, I thought I would attempt to do this two different ways that I've never tried before. One is to post this on my blog for the world to see (and if I fail, I will be totally embarrassed) and the second, alot more extreme mind you.....ask my son for help!! My son is really into this fitness thing and he's done excellent.....then again, if he wasn't, he would be liken to the skinny guys on the beach who get sand kicked in their faces...he just has that type of body. (tho not anymore...he's pretty well-built and I'm really proud of the way he stuck to it for so long) He religiously goes to the gym and eats right! Anyway, I figured he would think one of two ways on this: (1) this is a chance to torture my mom for the hell she puts me through sometime or (2) I could help her get healthy and live longer so she is around to keep working and give me MORE money. I'm gonna go with (2)! Last night was my first workout with him...he gave me a schedule and everything. I did it...30 minutes on the treadmill (I've usually only do 10 minutes...every 6 months!) Tonight the schedule says a Long 60 minute walk....better make out my Will before doing that one! Anyway, wish me luck....I've gotta do this.....alot of crappy things run in my family like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes of which I'm already on medicine for the first. Weight loss seems to drop alot of the problems if I'm anything like my dad and brother who passed away from heart problems. (and I seem to have their body types) I'm not a smoker so that's in my favor and I'm at the doc's every 6 months for blood tests and check ups which so far everything is good....but I still need to drop 40 and by golly, I WILL....EVEN IF IT KILLS ME!!!!
Now onto crazier things...puppies! First puppy kindergarden last Monday. Sweetie Man was going to take pics but forgot the camera....will remember next Monday. Both pups did well learning some basic sit, lay down, etc with the clicker. Chloe the Terrier threw up in the car on the way over.....she doesn't do well in cars. My son complained I didn't give him good treats for her. (come you want to eat after throwing up...geez, kids!) The trainers told me to not feed her any evening meal class day and give her a couple of ginger snap cookies a little before putting her in the car. (ginger calms their stomachs) Also, put some dryer sheets under her crate in the car to reduce the static which upsets them also. Tonight is a vet appointment for the second round of shots, so we'll see how this works. Eros, the black Mastif/Lab fell asleep in the car before we even got to class.....he snores and he's only a puppy at 20 some pounds...can you imagine the sounds he will make at 140 lbs? That will keep potential burglars away from my house...oh yeah!
Anyway, that's it for today...I'm working on a couple of things that I will try to post pics on tomorrow if my son lets me get into the computer when he's not doing homework or working as an online guide for Cha Cha...his laptop died again and will have to be sent away for a third time. He finally got a job at Panera's also, so I'll definately be able to get on when he is working! So till tomorrow....(gosh, I'm hungry!)....tootles! (PS...thank you all for the wonderful comments about my Monkey stuff.....yinz guys are sooooooo SWEET!)