Wednesday, March 22, 2006

No pictures...only a post!

Okay, first of all, I want to thank all you wonderful bloggers who read my blog for the kind comments. I tried to leave a comment back to thank you on your blogs....(note to Turtle Heart: my comment wouldn't stay on your blog for some reason...but thanks) If I missed you....thank you! You guys are the best!!!
Second...I have no pics to post because I'm going to send you to the blog "candel in the wind." Why? Because my dear friend Courtney (whom I've adopted as my internet little sister) wanted a new background. Well, I've only changed my background and that wasn' t real hard because they gave you the code and you put it in and BINGO, everything fell into place. Well, just like a real "little sister", Courtney wanted something different....and as I love a challenge, I just had to figure it out. It was quite different to say the least with downloads and a few different files with html codes. And being as I really never did this before January, I'm pretty damn pleased with the results. Whether Court will like it, I don't know. It still needs a few tweaks (love that word) here and there but it worked. The best part about it was that I learned so much in the past 3 hours (almost midnight now)! My brain is fried but happy!!!! I really really love a challenge. Once at work, they needed someone to type out a Power Point presentation. My boss asked me if I ever did it. I said nope...but I'd be more than happy to give it a shot. Damn if that power point presentation didn't make the front page of the newspapers....ok, the picture of the guy giving the presentation was on the front page, but he was pointing at the presentation I did on the computer. Cool, eh? Boy did I learn alot on that one. When I got my job, I had to take a test beforehand. When I was done, the lady said, "well, your low point is the computer." (go figure) Well, in the past seven years, I taught myself (along with the help of my sweetie and little from my son) a ton. People come to ME and ask questions...and I never had a lick of computer training. But that is how it is with most stuff I do. I work better alone...never liked to work in groups. Probably everyone has something that they've done like that...self taught. I think it's great when you can do that. Whether it's a new craft, a new recipe,.....teaching yourself something and succeeding is a real "high". It's sorta like running a "brain marathon" and coming in first place. Ya know, if everyone tried to learn one little thing everyday....well, just think about it! So, check out "candel in the wind" and tell me what you think...good and bad. It's not perfect by no means...but it's sorta cool and leaves alot of room to add on. So until tomorrow....don't forget to read The Funny Peppers for your dose of humor and release those endorphins...till the 'morrow...later gator!