Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bookmark this post.....

That's right, yinz guys....bookmark this post cause I'm cooking from scratch!!!! I don't like to cook (or do laundry). When I make dinner it usually consists of scrambled eggs and hot dogs...grilled cheese and soup....or anything that a "George Foreman" will cook. What do I like to do, you ask? I love to do dishes! Sweetie Man wants to get a dishwasher but I don't want one! I enjoy baking also. This is why he and I make such a good team....He cooks, I clean up and get dessert (heck, someone has to open the bag of cookies and pour the milk!)
Anyway, I thought I would make (at my son's suggestion)...MANACOTTI....from scratch! I thought about doing the frozen stuff but I figured the fresh would probably take just as much time so I opted to bake it....FOR REAL! (Had to google a recipe tho)
I stuffed those noodles and everything...okay, the bread was frozen but not bad for a non-cook! (oh, that's wine flavored kool-aid in the upper left..) My mom was a really good cook and she loved to bake. I sorta left the kitchen when she was cooking and didn't pay any attention...but come Sunday afternoon, I wanted to bake and she taught me. I'm not the best baker but I do enjoy it. Go figure!
Also, I've been working on something that I can't show you right now......but it's been my project all week. I promise I'll show you when it's done. (pretend you see a WIP here!)
I did manage to finish an edging on a blanket for Sweetie Man's daughter in Afghanastan. It did need to be army colors so it's rifle green fleece with cami yarn.
Now I'm working on some crocheted slippers...I'm half way through the 3 pairs.
There are just so many projects I want to do....just not enough time in the day!
Well, that's about it for tonight. Not much, I know, but remember...I WAS cooking tonight! So, enjoy the evening....till tomorrow, yinz crazy guys....