Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lots to Show 'n Tell....

Hey, yinz guys......HAPPY SPRING!!!!!! favorite season!!!! I realize the temps go up and down these days and snow flurries are sometimes in the air...but we are heading in the right direction!!!!
Next a BIG YIPPEE YAHOO for Kare's puppy, Sadie who is going to be A-OK!!!! She has one expensive female part tho...(Sadie that is...not Kare!) but she'll be back to normal soon!!!! We were all pulling for ya, Sadie, girl!!!!
Next (see I told ya I had alot) weight ticker is back in action as you can see! The Sweetie Man has a "man surgery" coming up and he has to drop a few to have it or the doc won't do it and the surgery is a MUST....SOOOOOO....I'm in with him on the weight loss bandwagon....35-40 for each of us. (plus we'll both look awesome at my nephew's upcoming wedding!) We started on Monday with lo-cal and lots of far so good! Wish us luck!!! I'll post my progress on Mondays. (join in if you like)
I know it looks like I'm doing alot but not really...I just don't post everyday. Here's some pics of what I've been up too.....
First off, two edgings for Project Linus blankets...

I still love doing these. I'm not doing them as fast as I ought to. Remember when I told you my PL coordinator gave me a bunch of fleece to edge? Well, if I was home more, I would be whipping them out left and easy and so much fun to see the results.

Next, as you know the Sweetie Man's daughter is serving in Afghanistan in the Army. We are very proud of her. We got this care package together with the blanket and slippers I showed you awhile back done in cami yarn but we couldn't resist adding these little goodies for an Easter surprise.
Introducing CAMI BUNNY....


How cute are those! The Bunny holds jelly beans or whatever and the Chick holds a plastic egg with candy. You may remember the Bunny from a post I did last year but in pastel yarn colors. Every year I manage to have to make a few of these and I end up asking people for milk jugs to do them. You would think I would cut the plastic for them all year...duh!! Anyway, we are also sending her some candy and a couple of books. Her husband is in the army also but is in North Carolina. Don't worry, we are sending him something too. They are newlyweds and had to be separated for about a year. She's in a safer area working inside so that's good thing. Hope she likes the gifts! Please keep her and all of our brave men and women serving our country always in your prayers.

I had a secret project I was working on that I can tell you about now. It's a cross stitch of Pittsburgh's Gateway Clipper Majestic that cruises the three rivers here. If you are a regular of my blog you probably remember that the Sweetie Man and I had three cruises last year on it, one being on my 50th Birthday. Well, for Valentines' Day (tho he got it late) I did a cross stitch of the boat with the dates we went last year on cruises. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

He loved it!!! I ended up giving it to him at the end of February tho...a little late. The cross stitch store periodically gets patterns of scenic areas in Pittsburgh. I've done for my brother's family the Pittsburgh skyline, one of the inclines that go up Mt. Washington and the University of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning. I did them very long ago before the onset of digital cameras but next time I'm at their house, if she still has them hanging on the wall, I'll take a pic of them. I would like to redo them for my house but I can't seem to find the incline one and the store no longer carries it. Someone locally just basically drew them out but they were very detailed and nice.

I also did a cross stitch for the Great Bookmark Exchange.
I actually got this on online...check out this pattern. Very cute...very easy. I'm sorta in a bookmark kick lately. I managed to get yet another cross stitch bookmark book and these two gems after the tax money came in.

The Egyptian one I may make something for my sister who just came back from her dream vacation in Egypt. (shhhhh) Some very colorful things in there. I'm personally not into Egyptology (?) but I'm always on the lookout for future gifts. The sampler book.....well I just love old sampler patterns and reproduction patterns. The older the better. If I had the money, I'd probably collect them.
Well, I think I gave yinz guys enough to chew on for a day or so. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my previous post. I hope you enjoyed that short video...I must have watched it five times! Well, it's off to make a pot of Hot Dog Soup and then to the Idol results show! What???? You don't remember my Hot Dog Soup recipe...well, by golly, here it is....

One package hot dogs cooked and sliced into bite size pieces.
One can of baked beans
One can of bean and bacon soup and one can of water
One can of cheddar cheese soup and one can of water
About 3 potatoes, peeled, cubed and cooked
Put it all in a pot till it 's good and hot.....serve with a side salad or fresh bread.
(don't forget to take some "Beano" afterward unless you live alone!)

Till tomorrow, yinz crazy guys........